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Handy Andy's Quality Vac™
Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Plus we make our own Quality Vacuum!

We make the best all purpose vacuum for
all floors, carpet, rugs, pet hair, sand, stairs, furniture and allergies.

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Buy Your New Vacuum at Handy Andy's!
Amazing Service - Quality Vacuums

We Make The Best New Vacuum!

Trade in your old vacuum at Handy Andy's in New Bedford and get a new Handy Andy's Quality Vacâ„¢ Highly Recommended. Excellent Reviews.

"We make the best new vacuum you'll ever own!" Best all purpose vacuum for floors, carpet, rugs, pet hair, sand, stairs, furniture and allergies.

Best multi-floor and multi-surface vacuum for all floors, carpet and rugs. Vacuum hardwood floors, wood floors, tile floors and deep clean carpet and rugs. Automatically adjusts for floors and carpet height.

Easy to use, powerful suction, reliable performance and durable construction. Handy Andy's Quality Vacâ„¢ is built to last!

Hygienic anti-allergy clean air system traps dust and allergens featuring both HEPA and electrostatic dust and allergen filtration. Best vacuum for allergies.

Extra long power cord. Vacuum from one room to another without unplugging the power cord.

Best vacuum for pet hair. Specially designed vented nozzle and brushroll combine with superior airflow to brush and vacuum pet hair off floors, carpet and rugs.

Best pet hair tool. High speed, professional quality, handheld turbo brush. Vacuums pet hair off upholstery, carpeted stairs, bedding, mattresses, car interiors and more.

Onboard quick pick-up tool set plus additional full size cleaning attachments and extension wands. Best floor brush for all floors, hardwood floors, wood floors and tile floors. Gently sweeps and vacuums floors with long soft natural bristles.

Best vacuum for stairs. Lightweight, flexible, super long reach vacuum hose. Reaches all the way up stairs without lifting the vacuum. Vacuum ceilings and ceiling fans with ease.

Reach all around the room with the extra long vacuum hose without dragging the vacuum. Easiest way to vacuum hardwood floors, wood floors, tile floors, furniture, woodwork, baseboards and vacuum under furniture and beds.

Take this powerful, durable, all purpose vacuum outside and vacuum your car, porch, deck, garage or shed.

Precision dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool, all included, plus a special long reach flexible crevice tool for cleaning under refrigerators, radiators and baseboard heaters, reaching inside clothes dryers and more.

Handy Andy's Amazing Service and Guarantee. Five Year Guarantee, all parts and labor, including free yearly tune-ups for five years, plus one free lifetime overhaul good anytime out of guarantee.

You'll love it! Over 9,000 sold! We have easy no interest payment plans only $59 monthly.

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Handy Andy's Quality Vacuum Cleaners

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