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"We make the best vacuum you'll ever own!"
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Our carpet steam cleaner rentals are easy to use, professional and deep cleaning water extraction machines. They work excellent and we keep them maintained like new. They are cleaned, tested and ready to go!


Our carpet steam cleaning machines are portable, easy to operate, powerful commercial grade units for professional results. The cleaning wand will deep clean your carpet by performing 2 cleaning actions at once. A mixture of water and special cleaning solution is sprayed into the nap, separating dirt and grime from carpet fibers while powerful suction vacuums it all away. A hand tool is also provided for cleaning your furniture and stairs or even your car upholstery and carpeting.


Our carpet shampooing machines are highly portable, smooth operating, double rotary brush commercial grade units. These machines perform 2 cleaning actions at once. A mixture of water and shampoo is dispensed onto the carpet while rotating brushes create suds. Shampoo suds combined with rotating brushes, gently loosens dirt and grime, separating it from carpet fibers to be vacuumed up when dry.


Drying time will vary with both carpet steam cleaners and shampooers from 4 to 24 hours (about 8 hours is standard) depending on the type of carpet fiber, thickness of nap and weather conditions. Drying time can also be shortened with carpet steam cleaners by controlling the amount of cleaning fluid dispensed and recovered and with carpet shampooers by controlling the amount of shampoo dispensed.


There is no need to reserve a rental machine. We have more than enough machines properly maintained, in perfect working condition, ready to go at all times. Your rental experience with Handy Andy's Quality Vacuum Cleaners will satisfy you in every way. Our staff is professional and courteous, and will be very helpful explaining setup and operation. Written instructions are also provided below. We will place the rental machine in your car and remove it when you return. You can expect our rental machines to do an excellent job.


The fixed tank is for clean water and the removable tank is for dirty water. Fill the fixed tank with 3 gallons of hot water to a level three inches from the top. Add cleaning solution per instructions on the bottle.

Push one end of the suction hose onto the dome cover of the removable tank and the other end onto the cleaning wand. Push the female coupling sleeve back on the machine and insert the male coupling end of the spray hose and let it spring back to lock it in place. In the same way, connect the female coupling end of the spray hose to the male coupling on the cleaning wand.

Turn on the suction and pump switches. Place the cleaning wand on the carpet. Clean back and forth with overlapping strokes and squeeze the trigger to release cleaning solution only on the backward stroke.

Watch the removable tank as it fills with dirty water and when it reaches three inches from the top, stop the machine and empty it.

When you have finished, you can dispose of any remaining cleaning solution in the fixed tank by sucking it out with the suction hose into the removable tank.


The setup instructions are the same as above. Just substitute the upholstery nozzle for the cleaning wand and hook up the hoses the same way.


You can rent a machine from opening time one day until closing time the next day. That's up to 2 days use for the price of one.


When you rent a machine on a Friday or Saturday, you pay for one day and don't have to return it until Monday before closing time. If there is a Monday holiday, you don't have to return it until Tuesday before closing time. That's up to 4 days of use for the price of one.


Anytime you rent a machine Monday through Thursday and when there is a holiday the next day, the holiday is free. Return it on the following day before closing time.

NOTICE: No rentals can be done during our annual family vacation weeks: Presidents Day Week in February, Patriots Day Week in April, Fourth of July Week, the 3rd Week of August and Thanksgiving Week in November.

We make the best multi purpose vacuum for
all floors, carpet, rugs, pet hair, dog hair, cat hair, sand, stairs, furniture and allergies.

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Trade in your vacuum and get a Handy Andy's Quality Vac
Best Vacuum - Best Guarantee - Best Service

We Make The Best Vacuum!

"We make the best vacuum you'll ever own!" Handy Andy's Quality Vac™ You'll love it! Over 9,000 sold! Top rated, best multi purpose vacuum, for all floors, carpet, rugs, pet hair, dog hair, cat hair, sand, stairs, furniture and allergies.

Trade in your vacuum at Handy Andy's in New Bedford and get a Handy Andy's Quality Vac™ Best Vacuum, Best Guarantee, Best Service. Highly Recommended. Excellent Reviews.

Easy to use. Easy to maneuver. Handles and feels like it's self propelled. Easy to move, push and turn. Very maneuverable and easy to operate. Best whole house vacuum with an extra long cord, extra long hose and complete with all your cleaning tools and accessories.

Strong powerful suction, effective reliable performance and durable quality construction. A lightweight small portable vacuum made with many metal parts. Handy Andy's Quality Vac™ is built to last!

Best multi-purpose, multi-floor and multi-surface vacuum for all floors, carpet and area rugs. Best high reach vacuum for stairs and ceilings. It's very easy to vacuum all around the room and all around the house with an extra long reach lightweight hose and wands. All vacuum attachments are included for any cleaning task.

Automatically adjusts from one surface to another, from floors to carpet and from carpet to floors. Built in brushroll on/off selector. Best versatile all in one vacuum.

Best vacuum for hardwood floors, wood floors, laminate floors, tile floors, hard surfaces and bare floors of any kind. Best all floors vacuum.

Best vacuum for carpet and area rugs. Automatically adjusts for carpet and rug height. Automatically adjusts up and down from one carpet height to another. Vacuums low pile, medium pile and high pile carpet and rugs as well as plush carpet and long pile shag carpet and rugs. Deep cleans all carpet and rugs and removes embedded dirt, sand and hair.

Best vacuum for pet hair, dog hair, cat hair and long hair on floors, carpet and rugs. Specially designed vented nozzle with deep cleaning brush, combines powerful suction and airflow to vacuum up pet hair, dog hair and cat hair, off any surface.

Best pet hair tool. Powerful, professional quality, handheld turbo brush. Vacuum pet hair off furniture, upholstery, carpeted stairs, bedding, mattresses, car interiors and more.

Best wood and bare floor brush attachment for all floors, hardwood, laminate, tile, hard surfaces and bare floors of any kind. Gently vacuum wood floors with long soft natural bristles.

Lightweight extra long vacuum cleaner hose and long reach extension wands. Convenient onboard vacuum hose and tools for quick pick-ups. Reach all around the room without dragging the vacuum or causing the vacuum to fall over.

Best vacuum for stairs and ceilings. Reach all the way up stairs without lifting the vacuum. Vacuum tall ceilings, cathedral ceilings, foyers, skylights and ceiling fans without a ladder.

Precision size and shape vacuum accessories, tools and attachments. Long natural bristle dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, plus a long reach flexible crevice tool for cleaning under refrigerators, reaching inside clothes dryers and more. Best vacuum cleaner attachments, tools and accessories.

Best vacuum for furniture, upholstery, woodwork and baseboards. Vacuum under couches and beds with a low profile floor and carpet nozzle.

Best vacuum for allergies. Hygienic anti-allergy clean air system traps dust and allergens with HEPA filtration. Best vacuum for allergy sufferers.

Extra long power cord. Vacuum from one room to another without unplugging the power cord.

Take this powerful, durable, multi purpose, portable vacuum outside and vacuum your car, porch, deck, garage or shed. Best overall vacuum.

Handy Andy's Amazing Service and Guarantee. Five Year Guarantee, all parts and labor, including free yearly tune-ups for five years, plus one free lifetime overhaul, good anytime out of guarantee

Buy yourself a new Handy Andy's Quality Vac™ We have easy no interest payment plans only $69 monthly.

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